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I am a member of a dog training club that Cheryl Hedge is a member of as well. I’ve know Cheryl for a few years as a dog trainer and also a vet tech. Cheryl works at the veterinarian clinic where I take my dogs.

Cheryl taught some puppy kindergarten classes at the dog training club and everyone that took her classes raved about them. I would always hear comments from other club members that they won’t hesitate to take a class from Cheryl when they get another puppy.

I recently acquired two puppies, a border collie and a yorkie. Both dogs needed some socialization and training so I decided to give Cheryl’s puppy kindergarten class a try. I trained the yorkie in class, and the co-owner of the border collie trained her in class.

I always had a difficult time getting the yorkie to do a “down”. Cheryl encouraged me to continue trying and showed me how to begin training her. By the end of the second class of a six session class, my little yorkie was happily offering the down. The yorkie desperately needed socialization with other dogs and people. Cheryl was very patient with the yorkie and always encouraged her, but didn’t overwhelm her. On graduation night, my little yorkie was so confident in herself that she actually ate a treat from the teacher’s (Cheryl’s) hand.

Cheryl has a way with dogs. We had a couple of aggressive dogs in the puppy kindergarten class and by the third week, all of the dogs were acknowledging one another in a positive manner and even playing with one another. The dogs ranged in sizes, from a yorkie to a Belgian Tervuren.

I was very impressed with the knowledge Cheryl has about dog training and the natural problem solving skills she has concerning canine behavior. The puppy kindergarten class was great and the six weeks went by too fast. Like they say “time flies when you’re having fun”, and fun is what we all had in Cheryl’s class. I would take an obedience class from Cheryl again in a


Brenda Gilday

Cheryl Hedge

Registered Veterinary Technician

Certified Nose Work Instructor

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