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I found myself in a very difficult situation when I had a bitch that just delivered a litter of puppies and had no interest in caring for them. First and foremost I was worried about her behavior towards the puppies and the care I needed to take of them if I had to separate them from her.

I called Cheryl Hedge for help and she immediately came over to evaluate the behavior of my bitch. It did not take her long to determine that I needed so separate her from her puppies (which I had determined, but needed validation).

Once the bitch was removed she set up a feeding regiment for the puppies and made sure I had the right equipment to accomplish their feeding needs. She taught me the correct way to bottle feed a puppy (up until then I had been doing everything wrong). It was so amazing that a little bit of good instruction could make such a difference in the time it took to feed the puppies and the results that a proper feeding made.

Over the course of a four week period, besides taking the puppies to the vet to be monitored Cheryl came over regularly to help ensure each was getting what they needed to grow. During the first four weeks of their life I was so worried about their size and weight, but Cheryl kept assuring me that as they grew they would be fine.

It was the hardest litter of puppies I have ever raised, but Cheryl was with me every step of the way to ensure that each puppy would grow into a healthy beautiful dog. Everyone who got a puppy from this litter couldn’t be happier and looking back at them now it is hard to believe where they came from because they turned out so perfect.

If you have any question please contact me at (513)221-0826 or I would be happy to discuss my great experiences with Cheryl Hedge.

LuAnn Belock, Fayme French Bulldogs

Cheryl Hedge

Registered Veterinary Technician

Certified Nose Work Instructor

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