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Getting puppies and dogs to new clients is a critical part of the sales process for any breeder who cares about their dogs.

I found myself in a difficult position when the airlines decided to no longer allow the shipment of all flat faced dogs including French Bulldogs as cargo on airplanes. At the time I could not travel to deliver the puppies myself so I had to come up with an affordable alternative delivery method.

Cheryl Hedge offered her service to drive my puppy up to meet my clients at a predetermined meeting point. Not only did Cheryl safely arrive with my puppies and give it more care than was required, but also spent time with my buyer educating them on puppies and their care.

My buyer was very impressed with Cheryl and couldn’t believe the level of service she provided to her. She thought it was just going to be a simple had off, but Cheryl made sure she spent time with my buyers and answered any question they had regarding their new puppy.

I can’t say enough about the transportation service Cheryl provides. For me to know that if a health problem should arise during transport I know that Cheryl’s experience as a registered Vet Tech will allow her to handle any crisis that might arise. She always goes so far above the call of duty and is always there to help whenever I have a transportation problem that I can’t handle myself. I never worry anymore when Cheryl has custody of my dogs and puppies and she has been a great help to me when I need her.

If you have any question please contact me at (513)221-0826 or I would be happy to discuss my great experiences with Cheryl Hedge.

LuAnn Belock, Fayme French Bulldogs

Cheryl Hedge

Registered Veterinary Technician

Certified Nose Work Instructor

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