K9 Nose Work® was created to encourage dogs to use their natural hunting and scenting abilities. The focus of this class is to encourage these abilities in a way that is fun for the dog and fun for the handler. Dogs and handlers at all levels are welcome. Dogs will work individually, so reactive dogs can also participate. Participants will need to provide a crate for their dog to relax in when not working.Classes are forming now! Class space is limited.  For more information about classes, send an email to hedge.cheryl@gmail.com or call (513) 300-6991. Cheryl is a Certified Nose Work Instructor. For additional info on K9 Nose Work®, see: www.k9nosework.com and www.NACSW.net.

Nose Work®

Cheryl Hedge

Registered Veterinary Technician

Certified Nose Work Instructor